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From the Greek, homoeo (homios) –similar, pathos-suffering i.e. ‘like cures like’

The concept of using similars was an idea which has existed from the time of the ancient Greek physician, Hippocrates and recent evidence suggests that the ancient Egyptians recognised that ‘like cures like’ thousands of years ago-so it’s been around a very long time!

However Samuel Hahnemann was the founder of homeopathy as we know it about 200 years ago. He had been looking at the treatment of malaria with quinine. On taking a dose of it himself, he developed all the symptoms of malaria.

Similarly a peeled onion will cause your eyes to water, nose to run etc but a specially prepared minute, homeopathically prepared dose of onion is used in hay fever treatment.

HomeopathyYour first homeopathic consultation will take 1 to 11/2 hours and many questions will be asked, as to find the right remedy for you depends on understanding who you are as well as details about any complaints you have and how you experience them.

You will then be given a homeopathic remedy, usually in tablet or liquid form. After taking your remedy you may notice some changes. Some people feel a period of exceptional well being. Sometimes symptoms can get worse for a short while, which is a good sign, showing the remedy is working. Sometimes a cold, rash or discharge appears having a ‘spring cleaning’ effect.

Then, depending on what illness you have I will probably want to see you again in a month. A chronic complaint will not disappear immediately although there may be some improvement quite soon. Disease is a bit like an onion –you have to peel away different layers to truly heal.

I often recommend you have a QXCI/Scio scan as well.

Case history 1

silhouette manMale 42…presenting symptoms; depression, hay fever, rash, IBS, headaches

Took a detailed case including how his symptoms were physically and mentally experienced. He was a ‘top performer’ throughout life with a strong fear of failure. Very shy, he had always avoided parties. Unhappy childhood. He walked stooped down as if weighed down by life.
A remedy was prescribed taking these and many other symptoms into consideration. After a month there was a marked improvement. He was more positive, happier with life-felt life was going back into him ‘a black cloud had lifted’
Headaches gone, digestion better.
Saw him for several months-improvement in all symptoms, memories of childhood returning, started writing, possibly changing job.

Case history 2

silhouette2Female 20…presenting symptoms; sinus, headaches, asthma, irregular menses, low self esteem, colon spasms

Some examples of her symptoms; Sinus headache ‘jabbing like knives’, colon ‘moving around as if life of its own’, menses ‘twice monthly or misses a month’, ‘I feel ugly and good for nothing.

At the end of a year of treatment she was ’80-90% better’- she no longer has asthma, her periods are regular and her colon spasms have gone. Sinuses only bad if she has dairy.


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