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I qualified as a homeopath from the College of Homeopathy, London in 1995 and have been practising since then.

From an early age I was interested in health (I read Biology at QMC, London University) but was not really attracted to conventional medicine, being increasingly disillusioned by it. When my daughter was two she had recurrent ear infections and was prescribed antibiotic after antibiotic and finally surgery with grommets was recommended for what had become ‘glue ear’.

I thought I’d give homeopathy a go and went with her for a consultation. After taking a few tiny white pills her ears had cleared and her hearing had normalised, within a couple of weeks.

I was so impressed by this that I applied to the College of Homeopathy at Regents College. I was soon completely ‘hooked’ by homeopathy and started treating patients and friends, under supervision well before I qualified, four years later.

I’ve seen truly amazing cures with it and feel greatly empowered by it (see homeopathy page). For myself it has cleared my psoriasis, IBS and allergic rhinitis and helped with  ‘acutes’, although it has raised my immune system such that I rarely get colds and flus.

There is truly a magical quality to it if the right remedy is chosen –the body will correct many things in sequence.

However, I also realised that homeopathy alone was not enough for health, as many patients had nutritional deficiencies and lifestyle problems that would cause them to relapse after an initial improvement.

Therefore I use a bioenergetic machine (QXCI/SCIO) to scan for possible deficiencies, sensitivities and organ weaknesses and may suggest nutritional supplements.

For those who might be dubious about the use of ‘gadgets’ in a natural medicine I would say that it’s a modern world, and would you go to an accountant who didn’t have a computer? And if you have any questions at all, just contact me.

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